Irish Celtic Myths, Legends, Megaliths, Dolmens,and more.

Welcome, Hi, my work is contemporary visual in Acrylic and also Acrylic with Mixed Media, which includes Textures and Semi precious crystals.
The Stone Marker

A whimsical version of the creation of the engeavings on our megalithic stones. This is a mystical Danu, Goddess of the ancient Tuatha de Danann , she is pouring the symbols onto the stone, the substance of which she magically creates from the Universe. This particular stone is the Newgrange Entrance Stone
Acrylic with mixed media and semi precious stones including Haematite which is grounding,Flourite which is a memory stone and Quartz set onto the wall of the Mound bringing energy. 40"x50"-100cmx125cm 2000.00
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Irish Mythical Artist

Irish Megalithic Art.

Patricia Mc Ateer
pmca 2013

Patricia Mc Ateer